Install pip in the Raspberry Pi & using requests for HTTP request via JSON

Setting up pip and making HTTP JSON request with python

Multiple Analog Line Follower Sensors – Arduino

      There are no pull-up resistors, because we can use the internal pull-up of Arduino. pinMode(A0, INPUT_PULLUP); int reading = analogRead(A0);   Here, 1k / N are used as the load resistor. Actually (200~1k)/N resistor can be used. (lower resistor -> higher detect range).

AJAX Request using reqwest [React Redux]

Background: The website contains a signup form which consists of a Languages dropdown option. In order to get language options from the database, we need to call an AJAX get request. Problem: 1) Where to trigger the Ajax call in the react life cycle. 2) How to use redux to handle UI changes after AJAX … Continue reading AJAX Request using reqwest [React Redux]

Connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH WiFi through Router

Setup: Enable the SSH server from the config menu: sudo raspi-config Setting up WiFi for the Pi: In order to connect to the Pi via SSH through router, we have to fix the IP address of the Pi. In order to allow the Pi sending requests to the server (localhost in my laptop), we have … Continue reading Connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH WiFi through Router